Monday, April 29, 2013

USDAgriculture Sec. Vilsack's opening remarks on open data and scalable/sustainable agriculture at #OpenAgData

Summary of Secretary Vilsack's opening remarks at the G-8 Open Data forAgriculture conference.

- overview of open data for humans and machines
- shared data more powerful than closed data
- usable free data magnifies its usefulness
- open data important to economic development (e.g, weather data fueled TV development)
- current generation John Deere tractors driven by open GPS not Farmers Almanac
- satellite data helps with tracking disease vectors
- plant genetic data helps safeguard plant diversity
- important to unlock data in legacy library collections

This conference will help to expand these concepts globally and will encourage adoption of open data concepts governmentally and corporately.

Open data enable the private sector to partner with government. USDA will place as much data as possible on

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