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On receipt of the Raymond Von Dran Memorial Award

Default title upload by motoblur I was honored to receive the Raymond Von Dran Memorial Award from the School of Library and Information Science, The Catholic University of America, on 5 April 2013. The award was giving at the 23rd Elizabeth Stone Lecture by Blane Dessy.

About the award:

The Raymond Von Dran Memorial Award is an award open to Catholic University School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) alumni, instituted in the memory of Raymond Von Dran, who served as the second Dean of SLIS (1983-87). Von Dran's final position was Dean of the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University and his obituary can be seen here.

Selection Criteria:
The SLIS Alumni Association will grant this award during its annual Elizabeth W. Stone Lecture in spring 2013. We are seeking nominations of SLIS alumni who, through their contributions to the library and information profession, have exhibited the qualities Von Dran was noted for throughout his career: innovation, collaboration, and leadership.

My remarks:
I want to thank the School and University, and particularly Dr. Ingrid Hsieh-Yee who has been my consistent and constant contact with the school for over twenty years, for this award which recognizes innovation, collaboration, and leadership.
I think it’s important to note that those three characters are something that grows out of the larger environment here at library and information science program at CUA and is embodied not only in those who receive this award, but the larger community. A continuum of faculty, students, and alumni. 
When I look back, I think of the professors during my time as a student, Dean Elizabeth Stone, of course, Francis Witty, Mathilde Rovelstad, and David Batty (whose ruminations on database and systems design I think about nearly every day).
Also, I think of my current and former colleagues who are alum, Diane Kresh (Arlington Public Library), Tom Garnett (Smithsonian Libraries, retired), Lu Rossignol (Smithsonian Libraries, retired), and Mary Augusta Thomas (Deputy Director of Smithsonian Libraries).
And my fellow students that I’ve stayed in touch over the years; to name a few: Steven Kerchoff (Department of State), Sally Dewey (Arlington Public Library), Kathryn Philips (Smithsonian Libraries), and more, including my wife, Mary Kalfatovic (The Committee Room).
And the students I had during my tenure as an adjunct faculty, some of whom are past or current coworkers at Smithsonian Libraries: Kent Boese, Yue Shu, Michael Smith. And others, like David Mao, Giselle Foss, and others who have stayed in touch. And also last year’s Von Dran awardee, Patrick Timony.
And lastly, to those more recent graduates that I've been privileged to work with, and here I'll give a shoutout to Suji DeHart (currently in Kuala Lumpur), Erin Thomas (Smithsonian Libraries), Andrea Mullen (interning at Smithsonian Libraries),; and Bianca Crowley, the indispensable Collections Coordinator for the Biodiversity Heritage Library.
Truly a “great chain” of innovation, collaboration, and leadership that I’m proud to be part of.
Thanks again!

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