Tuesday, April 02, 2013

KTX Train: Seoul to Busan and Back

KTX, Miryang Station
My first high speed train trip was on the South Korean KTX from Seoul to Busan (and back). I loved the idea of the reserved seats. The train never seemed to really go all that fast (though my speed logger saw it get as fast as 189 mpg on the Seoul/Busan leg. I also had a chance to take a short ride on the KTX, from Miryang back to Busan. Hadn't planned on the KTX, but since I misread the train schedule, that was the only train back.

Sadly, no cafe car on the trip, but some nifty vending machines.

Here's the My Tracks log of the Busan to Seoul segment (thanks to wifi on the train!):
  • Total distance: 259.04 km (161.0 mi)
  • Total time: 2:16:23 Moving time: 1:35:19
  • Average speed: 113.96 km/h (70.8 mi/h)
  • Average moving speed: 163.06 km/h (101.3 mi/h)
  • Max speed: 300.95 km/h (187.0 mi/h) Average pace: 0.53 min/km (0.8 min/mi)
  • Average moving pace: 0.37 min/km (0.6 min/mi)
  • Fastest pace: 0.20 min/km (0.3 min/mi)
  • Max elevation: 229 m (751 ft)
  • Min elevation: 10 m (34 ft) Elevation gain: 291 m (954 ft)
  • Max grade: 5 % Min grade: -4 % Recorded: 3/30/2013 01:00

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