Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Welcome to the UDC793 blog salon ... 100,000 views later ...

2010-01-17 19.10.43.jpgA big shoutout to all the Chinese and Russian spambots who helped me reach 100,000 views on UDC793!

Oh, and also to you loyal readers who loved seeing pictures and reading about of airplanes at gates, meetings of various kinds, Starbucks, the Biodiversity Heritage Library, and the Digital Public Library of America.

The current UDC793's first post is from August 4, 2006 ("Piggy Park"), but that was from a merge with the now defunct "Martinus Scriblerous" and "UDC574".

The first post on the now official UDC793 was from February 2007, "2007.02 BHL Meeting". So now, just short of 1,900 posts later, the site is hitting 100,000 views. The top posts are an interesting mix. The top post, a report from a BioOne meeting, makes sense. Number 2 is satisfying, a post about Faulkner, but #3, "Baltimore Sunset", from a recent visit to Charm City, is curious -- obviously hitting some keywords there. DPLA and Panama posts help round out the top posts, along with "Dr Seuss Fish Cake" (which, if taken with the three other posts, here, here, and here, that feature the "Angy Fish" cake, would be in a comfortable second place), and oh, a slim post on the Denver Digital Library Federation (DLF) meeting is also there.

And those readers of the top 10 posts over time:

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