Saturday, March 30, 2013

A visit to the Miryang (South Korea) City Museum

2013.03.29-IMG_1065Taking a side trip from a visit to Busan, I went (first via train and then via taxi) to Miryang, and specifically, the Miryang City Museum.

Located on a hill right outside the main part of the city of just over 100,000, the museum is still quite new. I had a few fears as our taxi pulled up to the building as no one was around. The museum was open, but after getting tickets (only 100,000 won for adults, about $9USD) and going inside, there was no one around. Granted, it was a Friday later morning, but still, not a soul to be seen, not even anyone at the gift shop.

2013.03.29-IMG_1077 Heading into the exhibits, they were all in Korean, but there was a brief English-language brochure that helped out. Heading to the paleontology halls was also good (dinos are universal!). On the second floor was an exhibit on Korean printing that had a hand's on activity that let you do block printing. There, suddenly appeared two more patrons, a mother and son.

The cafe was closed, so we looked around at a few other of the displays and then had a cab called by the gift shop attendant (who also appeared). Overall, a quite nice museum.

More photos from the visit.


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