Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Presidents' Day! This year I celebrate, Richard Milhous Nixon because ...

1972Well, probably hard to believe, but, well, in many ways, he was perhaps our last true liberal president. Yes, seems hard to believe, but I doubt many conservatives would embrace many of his domestic programs (can you say EPA?).

This is a presentation I did with a friend a number of years ago: The Conversation: March 21, 1973 and the Negotiation of Information. Martin R. Kalfatovic and Janice Bailey-Goldschmidt. 1994 Meeting of the Popular Culture/American Culture Associations. April 6-9, 1994. Chicago, IL.

Rosslyn garage | Woodward & Felt
Rosslyn Garage where Deep Throat revealed Watergate
Nixon's errors and negative points can be enumerated on a very long list of course, but will pass on that today.

So, here's to you, Richard Milhous Nixon, the 37th President.

The Watergate

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