Monday, February 25, 2013

@BioDivLib & @EOL folk (@UDCMRK, @WUlate & @cydparr) at Phenotype Ontology RCN

RCN meeting, 25-27 February 2013Attending the Third Phenotype Ontology Research Coordination Network Annual Summit meeting, Durham, NC, 25-27 February 2013 along with William Ulate (BHL/Missouri Botanical Garden) and Cyndy Parr (Encyclopedia of Life). Plus around 57 other biologists, informaticians, and ontologists.

On the first day of the meeting was a "Hands-on Natural language annotation mixer show & tell." This was a "speed-dating" session where about twelve projects or people anchored tables and the rest of the participant were broken into groups of 4-5 and spread out to all the tables. Each table anchor had about 7-10 minutes with the group to discuss their project/problem and get feedback/insight from the mixers. BHL had table 8 (anchored by me). It was great to hear that well over half of the participants were very familiar with BHL and discussed current or future uses in their work.

2013.02.25 RCN From the description of the meeting: "The overall goal of the RCN Annual Summit meeting is to introduce and establish communication and collaboration among scientists from different research backgrounds. The two primary themes for this meeting are the use of text mining phenotypes and representing behavior in ontologies. The use of text mining is of important wherever there is a lot of information locked up in written material, including an enormous amount of phenotypic information. We have around ten text-mining experts with a broad range of expertise attending this meeting, and you would have many opportunities to interact with them and possibly build proposals. A small behavior group is funded by the RCN to meet the day preceding the annual meeting, and they will be presenting their report at the annual meeting and be available for small group discussion."

Among those attending were friends of BHL, Dr. Hong Cui. Dr. Cui has worked with BHL data on a number of projects, papers, and presentationsGaurav Vaidya has worked with BHL on projects related to Wikipedia and taxonomic referencing. Katja Seltmann (lead author on the imporant new article "Utilizing Descriptive Statements from the Biodiversity Heritage Library to Expand the Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology," Katja C. Seltmann, Zsolt Pénzes, Matthew J. Yoder, Matthew A. Bertone, Andrew R. Deans. PLOS One. 18 February 2013), and staffer in the Department of Invertebrate Zoology, American Museum of Natural History, gave insights into use of BHL at AMNH.

RCN meeting, 25-27 February 2013
Hong Cui
RCN meeting, 25-27 February 2013
Gaurav Vaidya

The meeting is being held in Durham at the NESCent  NESCent is The National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) is a nonprofit science center dedicated to cross-disciplinary research in evolution. NESCent's mission is to "NESCent promotes the synthesis of information, concepts and knowledge to address significant, emerging, or novel questions in evolutionary science and its applications. NESCent achieves this by supporting research and education across disciplinary, institutional, geographic, and demographic boundaries."

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