Wednesday, January 02, 2013

No, you're not missing something, but yes, no Washington Monument today

1 January 2009
Well, it was a good run, but I think that I'm going to retire the (nearly) daily Washington Monument photo. The photo stream has been going on now since 2009. During that time we've seen the Washington Monument metaphoto, the special Jim Croft/Washington Monument mashup; had the "voice of the people" poll on the importance of this photo to their lives; the 2010: 184 Views of the Washington Monument; and 177 Ways of Looking at the Washington Monument (2009).

It was fun while it lasted, but time to move on ... watch this spot to see if something else catches on ...

In case you want to look back, here are links to the photo sets for each of the past four years:

31 December 2012

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