Monday, January 21, 2013

Inaugurations, from Reagan one to Obama two

Inauguration 2013
This year I attended my eighth  Presidential Inauguration, well, technically it was my seventh, since Ronald Reagan's second was a private affair, the public elements mostly cancelled due to the extreme cold (was it for the benefit of the attending crowd and parade participants or for the 74 year old president?).

Like last time, we walked from our home in Arlington, down to the Rosslyn Starbucks (for refreshment) and then down past the Marine Corps Memorial and across the Memorial Bridge.

It was much less crowded than in 2009, but there were also less jumbotrons and more security. We walked down past the Washington Monument and camped out at a jumbotron for a bit, then tried to get into the public standing space beyond 14th Street, but weren't allowed to pass. Went back to our jumbotron (F1) but it was breaking up (a la Max Headroom). It tuned in in time for the swearing in, but half way through the inaugural address, started breaking up again. Headed back down the Lincoln Reflecting Pool, over Memorial Bridge, back to Starbucks and then home.

Barack Obama, 2009
This year seemed a little anti-climactic. Maybe it was because it was a second term; maybe it was because the first Obama inauguration was such a huge affair. Another reason, for me, was the massive, and intrusive security in place for this 57th inauguration.

George W. Bush, 2005

George H.W. Bush inauguration
George H.W. Bush, 1989

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