Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Perhaps the most important election of our time ... (or not)

2012.10.31-IMG_65351972, a very important election (aren't they all!). The late George McGovern vs. the incumbent Richard M. Nixon. The people go to the polls and it's a landslide for the soon to be disgraced President.

But, that year also so the very important and landmark election for 6th grade class president at South Lake Tahoe Elementary School. For some bizarre and uncharacteristic reason, I ran and was selected as the candidate from Mr. Wade's class.

At the school assembly where I gave my position speech, the most memorable moment for me was standing at the podium and not knowing whether to stand on the stepstool. So I was on the step, then down, then up, then down. I was later told it looked really odd from the audience.

What did I say? Who were my opponents? Don't have a clue.

Did I win? Well, no (though I doubt I lost as badly as McGovern).

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