Sunday, August 12, 2012

Arlington County Fair, Midway and Competitive Exhibits

2012-08-12_16-26-38_942At this year's Arlington County Fair, we entered photographs (me), baked goods and produce (Mary) and a collage (Grace). It was just an ok year ribbon-wise:

There was some weird stuff going on around the post-judging also; the produce was almost all taken down (and dumped in a trash can by about 4:15 pm, even though you had til 5 pm to pick up your entries. The helpful person there was very apologetic for the mess - and some people were very annoyed!

The photos were also regrouped into their ribbon categories, so you couldn't compare things in your own categories.

So, here's the results:

  • Blondies: Second Premium (Honorable Mention, Green Ribbon)
  • Okra: Second Premium (Second Premium, Red Ribbon)
A Mariachi band begins to play

Meanwhile, back on the midway, here's a shot from the top of the Ferris Wheel:

Arlington County Fair

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