Monday, July 02, 2012

The Animals & Children To to the Streets by 1927 at Studio Theatre

2012-06-30_15-50-19_931On June 30, I saw a wonderful production of The Animals & Children To to the Streets by 1927 (Suzanne Andrade, Paul Baritt, Lilian Henley, Sarah Munro, and Esme Appleton) a UK theatre ensemble.

The production, an amazing blend and integration of theatre, animation, costuming, music, and verbal word-play was a brief 70 minutes (no intermission) but a 70 minutes that kept you riveted to the stage.

At times reminding me of Terry Gilliam's animations for Monty Python and The Marty Feldman Comedy Machine, and at others of Bertolt Brecht, it was a great production. There was even a bit of audience participation at the end where we could vote on the ending (Realist or Idealistic); though the audience voted Idealistic, I think that it always ends realistically (poor Caretaker, poor Agnes Eaves).


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