Saturday, July 14, 2012

Banga, "let me die on the back of adventure"

2012.06.05-IMG_2859While I was in Berlin last month, I was excited to see posters up for a couple of soon to be released albums, one by Neil Young and the other by Patti Smith, Banga.

I was especially excited about the latter since it's been eight years since she's released an album of original music. And it was worth the wait!

The single most impressive song on the album is "Constantine's Dream." Smith's as ever rich imagery float over the band's* apocalyptic grunge, a slow building cacophony like Physical Graffiti being channeled by Crazy Horse.

Smith's lyrics tell a complex story of  Piero Della Francesca, St. Francis, the Emperor Constantine, and Columbus that all weave together and crash into a finale that reminded me a bit of Allen Ginsberg's readings of Howl.

Here's hoping Patti won't be "Wave"ing goodbye anytime soon.

 * with the great Lenny Kaye on guitar and Tom Shanahan playing some amazing bass! And oh, yes, Tom Verlaine

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