Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some notes on the Starbucks of Berlin

2012.06.03-IMG_2673 I was staying in the area of Berlin around the old Checkpoint Charlie. Friederickstrasse, home to many fine stores, was also home to a number of Starbucks. I was able to visit 2 of them (and missed a third). Also had a chance to catch one over near Potsdamer Platz and one near the Brandenburg Gate. 

I was a bit embarressed for my country in the Potzdamer Platz Starbucks. It was right next to a giant Marriott and the two guys in front of me were 30-something business types. The one guy was on his cell phone the whole time he was ordering, snapping off his order between shouting at the person on the other end to email him some documents ASAP. In my book, there's nothing ruder than to be talking on the phone when you're dealing with service people. Put the phone down, ask the person on the other end to wait a couple of minutes or whatever, but please give the person serving you some consideration.

2012.06.04-IMG_2754 2012.06.04-IMG_2734
2012.06.04-IMG_2755 2012.06.06-IMG_2994
Overall, they were your basic Starbucks, I had some particularly good service at the one near Checkpoint Charlie (that I visited a couple of times) and the staff at Potsdamer Platz were also good. My one complaint, however, was the hours! They didn't open til 7 am on weekdays and 8 am on Saturday. And then they closed early (at least the Checkpoint Charlie one did - 730 pm!).

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