Friday, April 20, 2012

BioOne: A. Kahan, "Is an Open Access Approach Right for Your Journal?"

BioOne DISCLAIMER: following notes are mine and may not represent the accurate views of the speaker. 

"Is an Open Access Approach Right for Your Journal?"
Alan Kahan, Director of Publications, Entomological Society of America. BioOne 9th Publishers & Partners Meeting. Washington, DC. 20 April 2012.

Well done overview talk that was packed with information. Too many details to fully document here. Looking forward to having the slides available later.

One quick comment on discussion of impact:
Still an open question. Some studies show that OA mostly benefits consumers of scholarly output, not those who cite it. Discussion of some of the pros and cons (or better stated, heated arguments).

Discussion of Open Access
  • What is it: Content available freely at the point of use
  • Comes in different types: GREEN = Author controlled; GOLD = Publisher controlled
  • author can self-archive
  • institutional archive, central repository (PubMed), or other OA repository
  • what is deposited is the peer-reviewed postprint
  • entire article or publication is OA
  • entire journal output is OA (e.g. PLoS)
  • hybrid version where author pays for OA
Why publish OA?
  • increased impact. 
  • ease of access
  • financial
  • philosophical (moral) - for the common good

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