Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The results are in, the voice of the people has been heard

2012.01.03No, not the Iowa Caucuses (though we'll know that in a few hours), but the results of the 2011 Washington Monument Photo survey.

And the results are, by an overwhelming majority (85.7% to 14.3%) you want to see more daily photos of the Washington Monument. When questioned as to their enjoyment level, you - the people - responded "lots and lots" (28.6%), "pretty much" (42.9%), and "could take 'em or leave 'em" (28.6%).

Among the insightful comments received were:
  • I think a time-lapse video is in order. 15 frames per sec, 36 sec. Let's talk.
  • Beautiful mosaic! Just pick a new topic.
  • Didn't even know you were doing this. It's an interesting obsess ... er, I mean, hobby. Any chance that you're balancing phallic architecture with, say, pictures of the Capitol or the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (which we wafer gobblers growing up in the DC area used to refer to as the Purple Tit)?
  • You rock Martin! keep snapping the photos!
So, here you go, for 2012, there will be more Washington Monument photos ... thanks to all the many, many who took moments from there busy holiday schedules to complete the survey.

And yes, all seven (7) of you, you can sleep better knowing that your vote does make a difference. 

Now, all the rest of you need to remember that come November!

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