Thursday, December 15, 2011

Survey: More Washington Monuments in 2012? Yes or no?

2011.11.27-IMG_5255(Take the survey without reading the story below) Well, it's been three years now ... and I've taken over 440 pictures of the Washington Monument, pretty much one per work day. All from about the same spot, and around the same time.

Some of you have loved them, some have just wondered why (that would be Jim Croft for which the answer was this). So, in addition to that mosaic, and this one, I've not done much else with them.

Here's the collections from 2009 (177 photos), 2010 (184 photos), and 2011 (181 and counting)

You might think that I don't have any imagination and that I don't take pictures of other things - you'd be wrong of course, why here's a photo that's not the Washington Monument (Japantown Pagoda). You might also wonder why I don't do something like take a picture of the US Capitol in the morning. Well, the answer to that is easy. The sun. The sun is usually just rising over the Capitol when I'm going to work and the glare is just too much. Same with the Smithsonian Castle - unless I take it from the steps of the National Museum of Natural History. And what about Natural History? I've tried that, and there's just not enough variation in the look.

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