Sunday, November 27, 2011

US Airways 3228: CHS to DCA

Gate B1

Aussie Outfitters: getting the @Jim_Croft & @TheSherrin

2011.11.26-IMG_5202While in Charleston, SC, I ran across this shop; sadly is was closing or I could have geared up like Jim and Simon!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some libraries of Charleston

My four day, four night trip to Charleston was action packed. In addition to a full museum and historic site (Ft. Sumter) agenda, I was also able to pack in quite a few library things. Most interesting was the abaondoned, old (but not that old) Charleston County Public Library in the historic downtown area.

Here's a list of those I saw:
  • Addlestone Library (College of Charleston) 
  • Abandoned Charleston County Public Library 
  • Charleston County Public Library 
  • Charleston Library Society 
  • Crews Library (USS Yorktown) 
  • Site of the first public lending library in the American Colonies

The Charleston Museum

Starbucks #14120, Charleston

387 King St.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

gBHL Meeting group photo (quick everyone on this side of thetable) #bhlib

IMG_4763 by martin_kalfatovic
IMG_4763, a photo by martin_kalfatovic on Flickr.
Connie Rinaldo, Martin Kalfatovic, Nancy Gwinn, Chris Freeland, Jana Hoffman, William Ulate, Ely Wallis, Simon Sherrin, Henning Scholtz, Graham Highley, Fenghong Liu, Tom Garnett, Zheping Xu, Cathy Norton, Abel Packer, Jinzhong Cui, Boris Jacob

BHL schwag room for Life& Literature #lifelit "bhlib

And it's all green!

BHL update for the 2nd Global BHL meeting, The Field Museum, Chicago #BHLib

Here's the update that I have for the 2nd Global BHL meeting at the Field Museum, Chicago, 13 November 2011.

2nd Global BHL partner meeting

At the Field Museum,  Chicago

Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11: 11:11:11

2009-10-19-IMG_4636And now, the ULTIMATE day for 2011 ... and as we all know, there are only 10 kinds of people who get this ... see you again in about 99 or a hundred years!