Sunday, October 23, 2011

QotD: "Book store owners and record store owners used to be oracles" Tom Waits

 "They have removed the struggle to find anything. And therefore there is no genuine sense of discovery. Struggle is the first thing we know getting along the birth canal, out in the world. It's pretty basic. Book store owners and record store owners used to be oracles, in that way; you'd go in this dusty old place and they might point you toward something that would change your life. All that's gone." - Tom Waits (The Guardian, 22 Oct 2011)

Wow, Waits is so right ... I used to spend so many hours combing through record and book stores. Trying to find that known or unknown book or LP. 

There was a certain rush of actually finding something, or maybe it was something that was in the hunting and not the actual finding that made it such a special event. 

(insert here the memories of slightly damp cardboard from those funky used record stores around the country; the ramshackle packed shelves of weird old used book store; the smell of ink and paper in new stores)

Not quite the same thing as typing in a search box and pressing click to order. There was a sense of wonder the first time I found with just a few clicks a used copy of Holger Cahill's The Shadow of My Hand, something I'd been searching for in used book stores for years.

Now that I've moved mostly to ebooks and online music (see EMusic for some great deals and community - but they don't have Waits' new album yet, just the single), most of the hunting is reserved for waiting for things like Gravity's Rainbow to get released in epub).

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