Sunday, September 11, 2011

Looking back at 9/11, emails from the days after

Message sent to friends, the day after 9/11

12 September 2001
10:32 am
Well, sure glad I'm not in NYC.

We were we could leave at 10 ... at 11 they said GET OUT.

Ironically, I was on the phone with our library in NYC after the second plane hit the WTC and was telling him what was going on (since they're way up at 90th street and hadn't heard anything at like 9:30).

Some of us who live in Virginia all walked over the Roosevelt Bridge into Arlington and then we camped out at my place (Mary and the baby were still home) til they could get rides out to further Virginia.

It was pretty surreal seeing all downtown gridlocked and hordes of people streaming across the bridges (all with the site of the Pentagon with huge smoke clouds over it and fighter planes flying overhead).

We live in the flight path of National Airport so there's always airplane noise, but not yesterday, it was really eeeeeerie! It was so quiet and then there would be a military helicopter or fighter planes go over and you'd just jump! A friend who lives downtown in the White House no fly zone said she was up all night cause of military planes patrolling that corridor.

Came in today and thing were smooth, but there are lots of military around, guards at all Natural History entrances have machine guns today and they are searching everyone coming in the building. (outside the Justice Dept - across the street - there was a huge line of staff in line getting searched before going in).

So, basically, we're all safe and sound.


Message sent to friends, 9/14/2001

Things were pretty scary on Tuesday. We evacuated the Natural Hist. bld. around 10:30. Suz walked up to Eric's office and picked up some other people and they drove home.

I and some coworkers didn't trust the subway and walked across a Potomac bridge to my place where we camped out til the traffic died down and they could get picked up to go home.

It was very surreal watching the Pentagon burning while walking across the bridge. Even more eerie is that there are no planes flying. Our place is in the flight path of National Airport so we get constant airplane noise. Not a peep since Tuesday. EXCEPT for the jet fighters and military heliocopters that go over (which is even more scary in a way).

My downstairs neighbor is in the FBI and talking to his wife yesterday, she said he'd not been home but for about 7 hours since Tuesday. Work on Wednesday was fine, but there are armed guards and military at the museum entrances and on the street corners. Yesterday there were lots of motorcades up and down Const. Ave. (the President went back and forth a number of times).

Yes, very strange and we're waiting to see what happens next.

Hope all's well with you and yours.

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