Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Meeting with staff from the Europeana project in Den Haag

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2011.05.17-IMG_2847, a photo by martin_kalfatovic on Flickr.
17 May 2011
DPLA meets Europeana

Europeana staff Attending:

  • Harry Verwayen, Business Development
  • Jan Molendijk, Technical Director
  • Annette Friberg, Aggregation and projects
  • Valentine Charles, Ingest and harvesting
  • Alyssa Ackermann, Ingest and projects

Harry Verwayen, Business Development
Overview of how Europeana was formed and some of the background and initial plans
18.7 million objects
1,500+ partner institutions

Value propositions of Europeana:
Users: trusted source
Providers: Visibility (bit of a battle here, is visibility use or is it clickbacks?)
Policy: Inclusion
Market: Growth

Moving more and more from portal development to APIs and linked open data.

Jan Molendijk, Technical Director
What is Europeana from a technical point of view?

- portal
- search engine
- metadata repository
- metadata aggregation factory
- metadata and software lab
- network organization
- great fun

Tech challenges include the fact they include library, archives and museums, and a/v formats

Annette Friberg, Aggregation and projects
Contend and Data Aggregation in Europeana

Working with about 21 projects across Europe (including BHL-Europe).

Created a Council of Content Providers and Aggregators, these have working groups (around user engagement, finiancia, eithical, tehcnical, and legal).

Valentine Charles, Ingest and harvesting
Overview of how the ingest and harvesting occurs from the various content providers and aggregators of Europeana.

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