Monday, May 09, 2011

Happy birthday Biodiversity Heritage Library!

2011.04.20-IMG_2335Today, May 9, 2011, marks the fourth anniversary of the launch of the Biodiversity Heritage Library. It was then that there was the official launch of the website and a press briefing at the National Press Club (Washington, DC) and a great reception at the National Academy of Sciences. See the BHL blog post from May 9, 2007 and May 9, 2009 for some history.

But there was, of course, a much longer gestation. There were earlier meeting (Teluride, CO); phone calls with Brewster Kahle; conference calls with a biodiversity group partly organized by RLG.

But I like to trace some of the key groundwork of BHL to the March 3-5, 2004 WebWise meeting in Chicago, IL. It was there that a group of us hung out in the lounge of the InternContinental Hotel and made some big plans. Chris Freeland and Doug Holland (from the Missouri Botanical Garden) and Suzanne Pilsk and I got to know each other there (over the first of many meals and cocktails).

So, happy birthday BHL, and many more!

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