Thursday, May 19, 2011

Glad you didn't die before you got old, happy birthday, Pete Townshend!

Richmond, Surrey, UK
Not that 66 is old, still young, no indeed, still quite young for your generation! I've seen Pete only twice in person. The first time was in 1989 (July 6) with a few tens of thousands of my closest friends at one of the reunion concerts at RFK stadium in Washington, DC.

The next time was nearly 10 years later, in December 1998 when I was in Richmond (suburban London). Driving around the quaint, narrow and totally non-car friendly town center with my sister-in-law, we were cut off by a guy in a Jaguar. The move didn't do him any good though since he in turn was cut off and he was stuck off to our side. Hmmm. Yes, the nose, the long face, yes, I must say that all the best cowboys have Chinese eyes and yes, that is indeed Pete Townshend himself that is sitting there! Traffic started up again and off he zoomed!

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