Friday, April 22, 2011

Louise Miles of Freshwater Bio. Association at BioOne meeting

Do It Yourself: A Small Society’s Experience Publishing with Open Journal Systems by Louise Miles, Editorial Manager, Freshwater Biological Association, UK

Overview of what the FBA is and how they're using OJS (Open Journal Systems) for publishing.

FBA is based on Lake Windermere in the UK Lake District; founded in 1929, registered charity since 1966. Mission is to advance freshwater science and encourage as many people as possible to manage water resources.

Have been publishing for over 75 years; for researchers, students and enthusiasts. Science series, occasional series, and special series (reference and proceedings). "Freshwater Reviews" begun in 2008, joined BioOne in 2010.A new titles, "Inland Waters" launched just this year, joint effort of FBA and International Society of Limnology.

Open Source vs. Out-source
- Open source pros: maximum control, adaptable, can be cost-effective; cons: expensive, time consuming, susceptible to loss of expertise
- Out-source pros: efficients, no need for specialist staff, bug buying power, marketing; cons: limited financial return, tie-in periods, loss of control, contractual restrictions- Half-way house option (e.g. BioOne): offers benefits that are the best of both of the above.

Open Journal Systems (OJS)
- used by 7,500+ journal titles
- highly customizable
- open source and free- has subscription management tools, but you should look into all options and be prepared to stick to what you've chose for a while
- does all the managment of the backend systems related to article submission

Outlined the benefits of BioOne for organizations like the FBA.

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