Friday, April 22, 2011

Keven Meinershagen at BioOne meeting talking about mobile and scholarly publishing

The Mobile Mutation: Examining the Evolution and Current State of Mobile Content Delivery by Kevan Meinershagen, Technical Services Manager, Allen Press

Fun and entertaining presentation on mobile things.

Overview of the genesis of mobile technology. Notes that cell phones started to become computers with the advent of SMS (text messaging). There are more cell phones in the US than there are households with televisions. Most people will access the "internet" via mobile devices by 2014.

So, should be clear now that mobile is the future, even if not the present, so, how should content creators and deliverers work in that world?

- variety of devices on the market, not just different phones, but cars and other things
- screen sizes (vary greatly, differnt resolutions and aspect ratios)
- product lifecycle is amazingly fast
- flux in the OS market
- how to you implement location-based IP restrictions on devices that are inherently not based on location?

Impact for scholarly publishers:
- density of information on mobile is a problem (can you read a long paper on mobile?)
- most mobile use is for social activities

Scholarly publishing strategies:
- mobile optimized version of the full site
- use mobile for discover and social tools
- use different apps for specific services

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