Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Of vending machines, eBooks, and stuff

Vending machinesAt the Ignite Smithsonian event (April 11, 2011), there was a really great talk by Jaspar Visser from the Museum of National History of the Netherlands. The topic was:

"A look at the wondrous world of automatic vending machines through the eyes of a museum professional". You can find the video online here.

The talk was, to say the least, a bit tongue in cheek, but very pointed and relevant. It inspired me to post a bumper sticker I picked up at the Internet Archive a while back, "Got a quarter? My culture is stuck in this vending machine....? from

The funny thing was that when I got home, the following ad was in the postbox. Seems like vending machines are the metaphor of the week!

FYI, Jasper is the project manager for new technology and media projects at the Museum of National History of the Netherlands. Follow @jaspervisser on Twitter.

p.s. I'll throw in another plug for my talk, "eBooks 4 eVeryBody" available here.

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