Monday, March 14, 2011


RLG Cultural MaterialsIt was just officially announced that:
The OCLC Research Library Partnership is a new entity that will replace the RLG Partnership on 1 July 2011 and is a locus for OCLC's increased support of the research library community. It is an organization born out of the successful merger of RLG and OCLC in 2006, when expert staff from the two organizations were blended into one team with a combined effort directed toward supporting research libraries and archives. The merger created a venue where affiliated institutions could collectively identify, analyze, prioritize and design scalable solutions to shared information challenges.
The end of June 2011 marks the conclusion of the five-year period of integrating the RLG Partnership into OCLC. Since then, OCLC Research staff and RLG Partners have engaged in an impressively wide and important array of initiatives, many of which are highlighted in the document, OCLC Research and the RLG Partnership: A Five Year Overview of Accomplishments. Because of this, the OCLC Board of Trustees and OCLC management decided to substantially increase their investment in the Partnership.
This is a significant change in libraryland. The RLG (Research Libraries Group) was for years, a hallmark of quality, innovation, and service (we can also add elitism, but in a good way).  The dropping of the RLG name in July will mark the full transition of the RLG program to OCLC. On the positive side, such staff (and friends) as Merrilee Proffitt, Constance Malpas, Roy Tennant, Ricky Erway, Karen Smith-Yoshimura, Jim Michalko Bruce Washburn (and others, including the ever entertaining Walt Crawford) will still be bringing innovative and cutting edge ideas to the world of information via the new entity, the OCLC Research Library Partnership.

I'm hoping that the thoughtful group blog, Hanging Together continues to hang in there.

2008-06-03-dscn4012Some former RLG'ers have even landed more nearby in my life (pictured on the left at an RLG meeting in Philadelphia, June 2008), Anne Van Camp (Director of Smithsonian Archives) and Günter Waibel (Director, Digitization Projects Office) are now both at the Smithsonian (as is my boss, Nancy Gwinn (Director of Smithsonian Libraries) who left RLG a while ago!

RLG also had some of the most righteous schwag ever at conferences and meetings.

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Ricky said...

While I'm sad to leave the last vestiges of RLG behind, I'm happy that many of the people and values that made RLG what it was will carry over into our OCLC Research Library Partnership. And we're gratified by the strong (actually increased) commitment and support OCLC is giving to the new partnership of research libraries. We look forward to working with our current and future collaborators!