Sunday, September 05, 2010

Stately, plump, Buck Mulligan came from the stairhead ...

Coffee stained, dog eared, cover bent, now imperfect binding, ungathered gatherings slipping out rearranged the word. Yes I said yes no more the vintage cover black long ell suggestive You now new replaces worn scraps and scribbles from Security National Bank and faded receipts.

So long Ulysses, no not forever, just to my falling apart and many read copy, Vintage Books edition, published and printed in 1961, born the same year as me. Replaced with a newer copy ...

Flipping through one last time, I find some scribbles, notes, and underlines:

  • "He was a man they say invented barbed wire" p. 155, p. 207
  • Had I served God as I served Art, He would have not have left me like this
  • Sons of Ireland , p. 329-30
  • "We'll put force against force, says the citizen. We have our greater Ireland beyond the sea. They were driven out of house and home in the black 47. Their mudcabins and shielings by the roadside were laid low by the batterinram and the Times rubbed its hands and told the whitelivered Saxons there would soon be as few Irish in Ireland as redskins in America" p 329.
  • From the Night Town episode: "The bells of George's church toll slowly, loud dark iron p. 471
  • "Rhymes and Reasons. Mouth, south. Is the mouth south someway? Or the south a mouth?" p. 138

And so now, together with Molly, "...and yes I said yes I will Yes"


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