Monday, August 09, 2010

Radio Head

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So, as long as I can remember, I've had an interior jukebox. There's always a tune running around up there ... sometimes I even hum under my breath and on occasion, in a quiet room, the humming gets loud and I've been caught!

So, what's on B17 up there you may ask (note: that's an obscure Olivia Newton-John reference)?

Well, it changes all the time, but there are a few persistent tunes that always seem to be there and up they pop up all the time. What are they, well ...

  • "No Reply" by The Beatles
  • "Let It Rain" by Eric Clapton
Those to are pretty regular and have been on heavy rotation for years (especially "Let It Rain"). In the past fifteen years or so, "Wonderwall" by Oasis has been popping up at the oddest moments (what's that all about????). 

And remind me to tall you about that Jade Transistor Radio box sometime!

"and maybe, you're gonna be the one to save me ... 'cause afterall, you're my wonderwall ..."


arhutch said...

Would you call that an "ear worm"?

Mark Twain wrote a hilarious story about getting something stuck in your head. In fact, I think that's where the term was coined.

giltay said... the 1980's I used make a kind of mix tape I called my "mind jukebox." The criteria for including a song was that it had to be a song that bubbled up from my unconscious mind without being heard recently. I'm still doing it occasionally in the mp3 age. Up to 248 now (no dupes allowed!), including Beatles and Clapton tunes (and once in a while, an obscure country classic). BTW - here's a good link I remember from a Straight Dope column on the topic of "earworms":

Martin said...

Indeed, Twain is the locus classicus of the "ear worm" meme ... the story was "A Literary Nightmare", there's a copy here:

xoxoxoe said...

There's a Police song, Tea in the Sahara, I use to get the earworms out of my head - works every time. Don't know why, it just works.