Monday, May 24, 2010

Call me Passepartout

Getting ready to head out to IAD (Washington Dulles) for a trip to VIE (Vienna), but that'll be just the start.

From there, it's LHR (London), SIN (Singapore), MEL (Melbourne), CBR (Canberra), SYD (Sydney), SFO (San Francisco), and then back to IAD!

The trip(s) are for a meeting of BHL-Europe and then in Australia, to do some prep-work for the kick-off of BHL-Australia. For most of the trip, I'll be with colleagues from the Smithsonian (the Vienna part of the trip), and Chris Freeland (MOBOT) for both Vienna and Australia.

I feel a bit like Passepartout ("Goes-everywhere in French), the character in Jules Verne's novel, Around the World in Eighty Days. He is the French valet to the novel's English protagonist, Phileas Fogg. So I guess in the BHL Around the World, Chris is Phileas!

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  • 9 segments
  • 26,603 miles
  • 2 days 9:39
  • 8 Airports
  • 4 Carriers
  • 5 Countries


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