Sunday, March 21, 2010

Jerry Brown for President, er, Governor

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Early this month (March 2), Jerry Brown, currently Attorney General, announced he was running for Governor.

Jerry, or Governor Moonbeam, was governor of California when I was growing up. Coming on the heels of the glittery Reagan governorship, he seemed quite a change (refusing to live in the new Governor's Mansion, dating Linda Ronstadt) from the Hollywood of Reagan (uh, well, maybe not toooo much). The son of former Governor Brown, he brought a bit of the counterculture as well as political dynasty to the office.

So, what about the picture here? Well, in 1979, I was in college in Washington and it was an election year. Jimmy Carter was having a bad time and he was being challenged for the nomination by, among others, Ted Kennedy.

It was the first year I could vote, so it was an exciting year. So, when I saw this poster around campus, well, had to go. So, on November 8, 1979, trekked down to the National Press Club early in the morning and watched Gov. Brown announce. I don't really recall much of what he said, but as he was leaving the press room in a crush of people, I jumped up an vigorously waved. I didn't think he'd noticed since he was nearly down the hall by then, but then he turned and said, "that you man is so enthusiastic, I have to shake his hand." And he came back and shook my hand, I wished him luck and off he went ...

I think we're both looking a little older 31 years later, but in any case, Jerry, good luck in the election this year.

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