Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweet toothed in Brasil

So, native Brasilian told me, "Yes, we Brasilians love our sweets, we have quite the sweet tooth."

I'd noticed this in the street vendors (with the sugar coated treats), the long lines at ice cream vendors all around São Paulo, when given coffee having it already sweetened, and numerous candy stores (and, our course, the incredulous looks from wait staff when I would decline "sobremesas" (desserts).

The most striking example (ayedunno why) is when shortly after taking your seat on a plane, the flight attendants walk through the plane with baskets of toffees and nearly everyone grabs a handful. The usual safety presentation is drowned out by the crinkle of upwrapping!


matt707 said...

I forget which of us is older, but when I cut my jet travel teeth in about 1965 (first flight JFK-MIA), it was customary to serve the passengers hard candies and gum at take off and landing, to ease the sensation of your ears popping due to the alitude and pressure changes. This was probably one of the first passenger perks to disappear.

Martin said...

We're very close ... you're a bit ahead! But you beat me by a mile on flying time. My first flight wasn't until 1979 (Eastern, DCA to FTL). Most of my next flights were New York Air or Air Florida, so I missed out on all the "luxury" air travel!