Thursday, February 04, 2010

A hard rain's gonna fall ...

Well, in this picture, it's done a-falling'.

For the first two days in São Paulo it rained precisely at 5:30 pm for 60 minutes. So today (February 4) when there was a loud crack of thunder at 4:23 pm, I was a bit surprised.

Now, this wouldn't have been a problem, but this was a really big thunderstorm, so big that it knocked out the power in the hotel where I was having a meeting.

And to make it worse, I needed to step out at 4:30 pm to Skype back to work. No go, no power, no wifi, rain to heavy to make a dash back to my hotel and see if the ethernet was working.

All's well in the end; thanks to my great colleagues, the last minute project details were all nearly in place when I finally got back online to check in around 5:45 pm. We were able to wrap up all the details of the proposal with time to spare (and I'm sure not toooo much hair pulling and heart palpitations back in Washington)!

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