Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Door lessons!

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After a meeting with Elizabeth Conceição de Oliveira Santos, director of the Instituto Evandro Chagas in Belém, Brasil, I went to open the door to let myself out. Dr. Santos quickly took my hand from the door and pushed it closed.

Whoops, I had made a faux pax. It seems that it is customary for the host to always open the door to let guests out. That way, it is assured that they will come back again.

It was an interesting visit with the library staff on the large campus of the Institute.

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Leila said...

Helo Martin,
I've loved the "Door lesson!". You're a great observer. Open our door's house for guests get out it's realy a curiosity and a very usual costume all around Brazil. It's part of our folklore and best of all, it works, the guest always come back!
Anyway, I hope to hear from you soon (All of three: Mr. Garnett, a wonderful teacher. Chris Freeland, his passion and knowledge by his work, impressed me. And you, who made me feel proud to be a librarian)
Best wishes from Belém!
Francileila (from Museu Goeldi)

P.S. I loved the photo of the "kardex" on Flickr