Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Brazil, São Paulo, arrival

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Had an uneventful flight from IAD to GRU. Economy Plus on United 861 was pretty full, primarily because of a large group of Brazilian teenagers. I gave up my seat so a group could sit together (good travel karma).

We arrived a little late, went through customs and grabbed a cab to the hotel. São Paulo is huge and has amazing traffic - haven't seen anything like it since Cairo. Cab zipped through traffic, avoiding scooters and huge trucks and voila, there we were (one hour later!).


Tom and I checked into the hotel (Travel Inn Live & Lodge) and Chris was right behind us (arriving in a different terminal). After figuring out how to turn on the lights, a/c, and get on the Internet, I took a stroll around the neighborhood. Lots of hospitals and cab offices.

Stopped for a treat of fried something or others with sugar and some bottled water. Explored some more and then back to the hotel to rest up a bit before heading out with Tom and Chris for dinner.

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