Monday, November 09, 2009

Random Thought of the Day: Airport reuse in the future?

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So, I'm walking past the magnificent Canadian Pacific Railway Station in Vancouver, now shops and restaurants. Earlier this summer in I was at the Union Pacific Station in Salt Lake City, also shops and restaurants.

Seems like every train station is shops and restaurants (well, of course not, Union Station in Washington is a mixed train/shops facility; Philadelphia and Baltimore are still mostly train stations). And, shockingly, when in Denver a while back, I was surprised to see the train station is actually find it was just a train station. Not a shop or restaurant in sight!

But the random thought here is airports. I just assume that our current idea of air travel (or travel in general) may change in the next 100 years. And if/when it does, what will become of all our airports?

Most are far away from population centers, so shops may be out the question. And there will be only so may air/space museums the world needs.

So, anyone want to speculate on what an abandoned DCA or ORD or SFO will be housing in a 100 years?

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