Monday, October 19, 2009

Yet another BHL presentation

I'm in San Francisco to attend the "Internet Archive Leaders' Forum" and also their "Making Books Apparent" meeting. Also doing some other assorted Biodiversity Heritage Library and Smithsonian Library work and visits.

Our BHL group had a very good meeting yesterday followed up by an Internet Archive hosted dinner for out of towners at the St. Francis Yacht Club.

Today the Internet Archive meetings start to be followed tonight by a large press reception at the new Internet Archive headquarters (didn't know they were moving?). Yes, after all these years, IA will be leaving the Presidio for new digs. Where are they and what does it  look like? I'll let Internet search hounds figure that out for themselves, the rest of you can wait to find out later tonight (hint: as one Internet Archiver told me, "we've finally found a building that looks like our logo").

Here my presentation that will occur later today:

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