Tuesday, September 15, 2009

World Digital Library

I attended a reception at the Library of Congress to honor the World Digital Library. The reception, held in the Members Room at LC (the reading room reserved for members of Congress) was very nice. James Billington (Librarian of Congress - pictured) gave a nice introduction to the project. Member of the Obama administration attended as well as staff from the embassy community.

The highlight was when students from Westlake High School in nearby Charles County, Maryland, demonstrated how there used the WDL in class assignments in the past few months.

I spent a nice time before the speechifying with Ronald Cunningham, Deputy Superintendent of Schools for Charles County discussing the changes that the Internet and digital libraries have brought to the K-12 environment. Mr. Cunningham is clearly a believer in new styles of learning (while keeping the successful lessons - pun intended - from the past!).

An aside, the food at the reception, was quite nice!

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