Saturday, August 29, 2009

You've Reached That Star Teddy!

The morning rain in the Washington area had ended and though it was still pretty humid, it wasn't all that hot.

And so, I decided to walk over to Arlington Cemetery to watch the funeral procession of Ted Kennedy. As these things often are, things were delayed and we ended up standing and waiting for nearly 2 hours til the procession arrived.

There was a large crowd and lots of chatter and friendliness. In a nod to technology, people were checking smart phones and texting to find out the status of the procession. The various reporters, security and Secret Service people joined in to chat with the crowd and give status updates.

I got Twitter and Facebook updates from friends at other points along the route.

As the Kennedy Family arrived following the hearse, there was almost a festive atmosphere as they smiled and waved to the crowd.

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