Sunday, August 23, 2009

2009 Arlington County Fair: Photography Competition

The 2009 Arlington County Fair competition this year was pretty tough!

I thought that I had a a couple of blue ribbon winners this year, but no luck, out of the five entrants this year I had:

- 1 third place (white ribbon)
- 2 honorable mentions (green ribbon)
- 2 no place

Here's the rundown:

Insect/Flower (3rd premium)

Taipei Fish Market (honorable mention), I thought this was a winner!
Taipei Fish Market

Taipei 101 / New York New York (honorable mention)
Taipei 101 / New York New York

Taiwan Fishing Boats (no place)
Taiwan River Boats

In the Wasatch (no place) - really thought this was a winner!
In the Wasatch

Meanwhile, my eight year old, in her first competition, pulled in a first premium (blue ribbon!) for this photo:

Wild Utah Grass
Wild Utah Grass

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