Thursday, June 11, 2009

Your old National Geographic Magazines ...

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Yes, you really can thrown them away. I know it's probably heartening in some ways to keep them, buy those yellow/gold boxes to store them in. Stack them on your shelves ... store them in your attic ... stash them in your garage ... build small habitats for exotic animals ... hide them away for such time as they'll make landfill for your backyard as the rising waters brought on my global warming threaten your iris patch ... someone is taking care of copies of them. Libraries around the world, and, of course, the National Geographic Society itself.

But I digress!

I had a very interesting meeting today with staff from the Imaging Department of the National Geographic Society (note for Washington visitors: please do go to the NGS Museum, always a fabulous and fascinating exhibition space). The state of the art equipment for conversion of analog images is quite impressive.

I also got a peak at some of the 8-10 million photographs the NGS keeps in their photo library. Black and white prints, glass plate negatives, color glass plates, a fantastic archive documenting our planet and peoples since 1888.

The "Geographic" is one of the hidden treasures of Washington and of our cultural heritage establishment.

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