Monday, April 06, 2009

The Day of Seven Boarding Passes

Yes, it was my fault for not getting to the get the full amount of time ahead, so I wasn't really too upset by my eleven hour adventure with Northwest Airlines. In fact, all in all, it turned out quite well.

So, here's the story in seven boarding passes:

1. DCA to IND (NW 2189)
Never got to use this one, got to the gate 2 minutes after they gave my seat to someone else. So on to ...

2. DCA to MSP (NW 1705)
Didn't get to use this one; was put on stand-by for the non-stop; but didn't use it because ...

3. DCA to MEM #1 (NW 1254)
I was also booked on the later afternoon flight from DCA to Memphis with a confirmed connection to MSP, but I didn't use this one because ...

4. DCA to MEM #2 (NW 1641)
There was a free seat on an earlier flight to Memphis and there was a possibility to go stand-by on an earlier MEM to MSP flight. Which led to ...

MEM to MSP (on stand-by for two flights, but didn't make either so didn't get boarding passes!)

5. MEM to MSP #1 (NW 2873)
My confirmed flight! Didn't leave til 7:20 pm, so I had time to relax (six hours or so!). Plenty of time to explore and go to Graceland. I did check to see if an earlier flight was available and that might have caused...

6. MEM to MSP #2 (NW 459)
When I went to board the above flight, I was told I didn't have a seat! But here was a boarding pass to a flight I was on and go to customer service ASAP to see if I could make it. I went to customer service and was told that I was booked in the first class upgrade on the earlier flight that had just shut it's doors! Some fast fingering by the helpful Northwest staffer and I was back on ...

7. MEM to MSP #3 (NW 2873)
And this is the one that got me there! And not only got me there, but it was an AMAZING 41 minutes early with a really friendly flight attendant, Kris, running the flight.

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