Sunday, March 01, 2009

Paris in LAX

When I landed at LAX, there was a really really long line at immigration. In front of me was a man and a woman who kept looking around and fidgeting. When we got near the front of the line, the man went off and came back with a blond woman in a beret, sunglasses, a spandex outfit and 5 inch stiletto heels.

He and the other woman quickly hustled the blond to the desk, where she had to take off the sunglasses, and who would it be? Well, sure looked like Paris Hilton to me!

I didn't take a picture because, well, there's a possibility that if there is one more picture of Paris Hilton on the Internets, the pipes that connect it all together will be overloaded and the whole thing will come to a sad, crashing halt.

Update: Not only was it her, but she was on my flight

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ep said...

thank you for that!