Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Wet Cows in the Courtyard" Tomato Head on Laptop

After landing at TPE, I exchanged some money, went through immigration and customs and went out to look for my driver. There was a huge crowd of waving signs, but I didn't see my name anywhere. I wandered around and did find a giant Tomato Head on a laptop with “I <3 Taiwan” but it wasn't him. Finally we did find each other and we headed out.

Outside where it was pretty warm and humid! The driver didn't speak much English, so we listened to the radio (Chinese pop with a really interesting rendition of “Hotel California” with interesting Chinese/English lyrics, such as “the wet cow in the courtyard”). We eventually arrived at the Academia Sinica and the driver dropped me off at the athletic center swimming pool. It was dark and closed and didn't look like the guest house, so I asked him to stick around a bit (in a combination of singles and panic); we eventually found the guest house around the corner.

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