Friday, March 16, 2007

Recomended Reading

A fascinating book about the history of intellectual property in China.

To Steal a Book Is an Elegant Offense Intellectual Property Law in Chinese Civilization
William P. Alford

Buy this book

It is a "Science" afterall!

While travelling to the De Lange Conference in Houston recently I was struck by two comments from fellow travellers (non-librarians) that I ran into.

The first was from a man sitting in front of me on the Washington - Dallas link. While waiting to get off the plane, we had various small talk and the inevitable "what do you do?" question. He was in Washington lobbying for human rights. When the "L" word came up he said, "Oh, so you must have studied library science."

On the way back, while having a snack at the La Bodega Winery (at the DFW airport - hmmm, maybe it's something to do with Dallas!!?). The conversation turned to work with my fellow diners. The woman next to me worked for a publisher in Chicago and again, with no prompting, she termed my profession "library science". As we continued to talk, discussing how more and more people are interested only in online products, the young bartender (an undergrad at a Texas university), chimed in how for her, if it wasn't online, it didn't exist and that those in "library science" (again her terminology) should realize that.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"March of the Librarians (et al.)"

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At the De Lange Conference VI held at Rice University, the lunch session was split between the Alice Pratt Brown Hall in the Shepherd School and the James Baker III Institute building (in the distance). Seen here are the conference attendees marching off for lunch ...

2007.03 Mixing Board

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The De Lange Conference VI held at Rice University, March 5-7, 2007, covered the topic of "Emerging Libraries" this year. The speaker lineup was excellent and the mix of scientists, funders, editors and librarians was very good.

Some of my comments, as recorded by Tom Wilson are available

Sunday, March 04, 2007

2007.03 BHL Members at WebWise

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BHL members gather at the Capitol Hill Hyatt during the WebWise 2007 meeting in Washington, DC.

The WebWise meeting is one of the better gatherings of library and museum professionals to exchange ideas.

"The Home of Easy Credit"

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First stop in Houston

iPod Vending Machine

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For the person who DOESN'T yet have everything. An iPod vending machine at the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Penny Squishers in Houston

Children's Museum of Houston, The
1500 Binz
Houston8p 08/26/06
Downtown Aquarium
410 Bagby St
Houston8p 4m 12/28/06
Houston Museum of Health & Medical Science
1515 Hermann Dr.
Houston4p 02/28/06
Houston Museum of Natural Science
One Hermann Circle Drive.
Houston20p 12/07/06
Houston Zoo
1513 N MacGregor Dr
Houston24p 09/07/06
Johnson Space Center
2101 NASA Pkwy
This is a list of the available Penny Squishers in the downtown(ish) Houston area ... sadly, I wasn't able to get to a single one!