Friday, October 31, 2014

The Stora Hotel, Jönköping

For my TDWG 2014 meeting, I stayed at the fabulous Stora Hotel in Jönköping. You can read a bit more about the city and the hotel in this 1931 guidebook: Jönköping: Staden Forr Och Nu by Master Gudmunds Gille [The City then and now].  c.1931


QotD: " In the neighbourhood are the two picturesque towns of Jonkoping and Grenna."

"In the neighbourhood are the two picturesque towns of Jonkoping and Grenna. Jonkoping, which exports its matches even to Japan, has an extensive park on the shores of lake Wettern from which a magnificent view is obtained." Things seen in Sweden (1915) by W. Barnes Steveni



Harvest time in the celebrated marshmallow fields of Sweden

That's "chepping" as in Jönköping

2014.10.30-IMG_2476"Going through another portion of the artificial canal, the boat enters the Roxen Lake, perhaps the most beautiful in Sweden, and makes a landing at Linkoping. There are half a dozen towns with this termination in the country, as Norrkoping, Soderkoping, Jonkoping, the last two syllables being pronounced like chepping; as, Lin-chep-ping." Up the Baltic; or, Young America in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. A story of travel and adventure (1871) by William T. Adams,  p.303

God morgon och farväl till Jonkoping!